Peta Clancy is a visual artist based in Australia who works with photography, bioart, video and installation.



She looked back but she could not see clearly, Ink-Jet Print mounted on aluminium, 57.5 x 160cm, 2000, Exhibited in Blindspot, Curated by Lisa Byrne, Canberra Contemporary Art Space, 2001

For this series titled She looked back but she could not see clearly I investigated notions of identity and memory through self-portraiture. These photographs feature me looking into a mirror at my reflection whilst holding photographs from my family archive, taken of me when I was a very young baby, a two year old, a pre-pubescent girl and a young woman. These photographs reveal the physical changes that I have undergone throughout my life. Through this process, I attempted to connect with the person that I was when each of the earlier photographs was taken, yet I felt a gap, a void and that I could not reach this former self who is still a part of me. Our self-identity and body is constantly changing and evolving. It is only through memories and photographs (which punctuate time) that we are able to observe these changes. In the flow of our everyday lives it is hard to get a sense of the constant changes that our bodies and selves are undergoing.